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McAlister’s Birthday $5/$5 Coupon

Yet another one of my favorite birthday freebies to receive yearly comes from McAlister's Deli.  Those who know me well know that I have a weakness for unsweetened iced tea.  I love the stuff and drink about a gallon every 3 days.  Everybody's got … [Read more...]

Have Your Birthday Ice Cream (and eat it too)

I may have mentioned that I'm turning the big 3-4 next Tuesday.  I actually love my birthday (aging gracefully here).  One reason is that I get seven days of celebrating, courtesy of the King of Free.  He calls it the Seven Days of Cherie and each … [Read more...]

noodles & company birthday FREE entree, no purchase necessary

In a week and a day, I will turn 34.  Every year, I love cashing in on birthday freebies.  From ice cream to free entrees, there's plenty to be had for free on your special day.  One of my favorite birthday freebies comes from noodles & company where … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday: Birthday Freebies Galore!

Good morning Lords and Ladies!  I'm a little worn out this AM . . . worked out a little too hard yesterday, slept in a little too late this AM, stayed up a little too late last PM, and the coffee is brewing slower than normal.  We'll get it going … [Read more...]

Welcome Emmanuel Church of Greenwood Mom’s Time Out

I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking to some awesome ladies at Emmanuel Church of Greenwood's Mom's Time Out this morning, including the always lovely fellow redhead Ladie Beckie of Infarrantly Creative - a wonderfully crafty and frugal site. I … [Read more...]

Welcome Heartland Crossing Moms’ Group!

Greetings Royal Money Saving Ladies of the Heartland Crossing Moms' Group.  I had a blast hanging out tonight and sharing a bit of our story with you.  Y'all are fun. Swagbucks is a great internet search tool that rewards you simply for searching. … [Read more...]

Welcome Stones Crossing Church MOPS Ladies!

Where my girls from SCC at, yo?  ;)  I had SO much fun sharing with you some of my favorite money saving tips and ideas this morning and loved those that you had to share with me, too!  As promised, here's a summation of some of the links that I … [Read more...]

Welcome Brandywine Community Church MOPS!

Ok, I had a completely AWESOME time this morning hanging with the friendly and fun ladies from Brandywine Community Church's MOPS group.  We talked about some philosophical ideas about getting out of debt and saving money.  And we talked about some … [Read more...]