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Day 14: 31 Days to Reducing Your Debt

Today's tip is probably the easiest, most applicable, start doing it today sort of money saving tip of the entire series.  There's no reason you shouldn't get right at it, Money Saving Lords and Ladies. Day 14: Meal Plan Greetings, Money Saving … [Read more...]

Welcome WTHR Viewers!

Greetings Money Saving Lords and Ladies who might have caught my interview with Sir Scott Swan on WTHR this evening.  I had a great time chatting about the things never to buy used tonight and yesterday, I spoke about things to never buy used (which … [Read more...]

Welcome Daily Journal Readers!

You may have caught an article in the Daily Journal today detailing my blogging obsession.  If so, welcome to the Queen of Free, a fair fine frugal land where you can find all of the best deals and read about the day to day life of the Royal Family. … [Read more...]

Welcome New Readers!

Greetings Lords and Ladies who might have caught me this morning on WTHR 13's Weekend Sunrise Segment.  I'm so glad you've decided to explore new ways to save and get something for nothing.  Please feel free to explore the site.  I post every weekday … [Read more...]