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Buff on a Budget: Run, Queen, Run!

Hello there fellow fitness minded Money Saving Lords and Ladies.  Um, it is three shades of beee-yooot-iful outside of my window today.  In fact, I'm itching to get out on the road to do a little running!  Last week, I finally bit the bullet and ran … [Read more...]

Frugal Fitness {VIDEO}

13 WTHR Indianapolis Did you miss yesterday morning's the Queen on 13 Saving Your Money Segment?  No worries!  Today you can watch the video of all of my best money saving tips when it comes to wrapping your gifts and keeping your budget in check … [Read more...]

12,418 Days on the Planet

new year, new profile picture It's my birthday. I'm 34. A lot has happened in the last 12,418 days. I won't try to catch you up on it all.But here's some of what's happened the last 365.I . . . reflected on the lessons learned along the way. paid … [Read more...]

Welcome WTHR Viewers!

Greetings Money Saving Lords and Ladies who might have caught my interview with Sir Scott Swan on WTHR this evening.  I had a great time chatting about the things never to buy used tonight and yesterday, I spoke about things to never buy used (which … [Read more...]

Money Saving Links and Reads

Good Morning Money Saving Lords and Ladies!  The Royal Family was up bright and early listening to a radio interview I did with the awesome Kidcasters at Radio Disney 98.3 here in Indianapolis this week.  Thanks Ladies Lauren and Caitlin!  It was a … [Read more...]

Welcome Daily Journal Readers

If you happened to find me today because of reading the article in the Daily Journal, welcome!  I hope that you'll enjoy what you find here.  Here are some great frugal fitness resources: Buff on a Budget is a regular feature on Queen of Free where … [Read more...]

Where Has the Queen of Free Been?!

Oh my, oh dear.  I have been MIA around these parts lately, haven't I?  I apologize for the dearth of posts.  There was a Royal Coupon Class this past weekend and so I was busily preparing for it and unfortunately, neglected posting.  I didn't even … [Read more...]