Monday Meal Plan 12-8-14

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Check out this awesome FREE printable menu planner and meal plan ideas to help you save money and slay debt.

Hi friends! WHEW, what a nutty couple of weeks. I have been meal planning (I promise!) even if I haven’t posted the specifics each week. Today, I’m making up for the absence by sharing my NEW awesome printable inspired by my book Slaying the Debt Dragon. You’ll find this FREE printable along with a number of other great free resources over on the Slaying the Debt Dragon website. I’d love to see your meal plans! Print out your planner and hashtag them with #slaydebt on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’d love to say our week’s menu was exotic but I’m keeping things super simple because I’m up to my ears in book launch tasks!

If I don’t have a plan at all, I know I’ll fail when it comes to best using our resources, money, and time. I don’t always follow our meal plan to a T but there’s a relief in knowing that we have all of the items to make meals all week long that we need. That way, we use the groceries we have and stay out of the drive thru (obviously saving money!). Regular meal planning was one of the many keys to us paying off $127K in 4 years. Simply paying attention made huge waves in our finances.

Did you catch my segment on WTHR? It focused on tips & tricks for meal planning. Check those out for some of my best tips!

Don’t forget I have a newly designed Meal Planner to help you in your meal planning and grocery list endeavors. And you can always find it (along with other great resources) on the FREE Printables Tab on Queen of Free.

Without further ado, here’s what’s for dinner on the Royal Table this week:

Fresh Sliced Apples
Tortilla Chips and Cheese

Naked Burritos with Ground Beef, Rice, Black Beans
Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole
Apple Sauce

Egg Sandwiches
Fresh Veggies – Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas
Baked Apples

Dinner Out at Qdoba
We have a Pep Band Performance AND a Christmas Program at the same time.
Keeping it real, peeps.

Spaghetti with Meat Marinara

Lunch: Leftovers
Salad Bar for Big People
Grilled Cheese Bar for Little People

Lunch with our Community Group! I’m bringing Taco Soup and Chips
Chicken Pad Thai (It’s becoming a Sunday night tradition!)

Dinner Out Planning meals was definitely one of the biggest keys for success in our paying off over $127K in debt. Often I swap days or side items to make our menu plan work but the main purpose is to make sure I have everything on hand I need for meals throughout the entire week. The less you go to the store, the more money you save! What are you having on your Royal Table this week?

Gain inspiration to pay off debt! Check out Inspiration to Pay Off Debt: 30 Days of Encouragement from the Queen of Free on Kindle or Pre-Order Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After (due out January 2nd, 2015).

This post contains an affiliate link. That means when you get a great deal or maybe even something for free, you also help our family pay off our mortgage early. And for that, we royally thank you!

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