Welcome WTHR Weekend Sunrise Viewers: Save Money with A Homemade Summer

Catch me tomorrow morning on WTHR Weekend Sunrise at 7:45 AM!  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the money saving tips I’ll share.

In the good ‘ole summertime, it’s easy to get distracted by the many flashy attraction pulls on our finances. From the new FroYo shop that *just* opened down the street to theme parks, water slides, and every adventure in between, if we’re not careful our budgets will be as red as the thermometer on a hot summer’s day. There are plenty of ways to make your own fun at home during summer vacation, though. Consider a few of these options:

Make Your Own Sprinkler: There are a couple of ways to approach this one. Probably the easiest and most accessible way to make a homemade sprinkler is to take a 2 Liter Bottle once filled your favorite fizzy beverage and either drain it or drink it. After it’s empty and rinsed out, poke small holes into the bottle. The use duct tape to attach the bottle to your hose. Turn the pressure up to increase the height of the water flow. The King of Free also built an amazing sprinkler system a couple of years ago out of PVC pipe, too. You simple join together the pipe with joint & drill holes sporadically along the pipe. You will need a special head to attach it to a hose but you can find those in most home improvement stores. You’ll have a one of a kind water soaking experience that you can bring out every day of the summer for summers to come rather than a whole lot of cash out on one day at the pool or water park. For some of the posts that inspired our sprinkler, read this.

Homemade Sprinkler from PVC Pipe

Make a Park Bucket List: I found this idea in a book written by my friend & local Indianapolis mom of six year old quadruplets Jen Murray. KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Childhood Discovery  is an awesome resource for family fun on the cheap any time of the year! The books is available in eBook format for your Kindle or Kindle App, Nook, or in printable PDF format for those of you currently forgoing a smarty device. Jen suggests you make a list of parks or playgrounds in your area or throughout the city that you want to visit during the summer. And then be intentional about visiting each one, checking them off the list. She has a great and super cheap recipe for Sidewalk Chalk Paint on her site, too.

Awesome Book of Kid Adventures for only $4.99

Make Homemade Ice Cream: We are absolutely addicted to making ice cream right now at home. It’s oh-so-delicious and you save a bundle over visiting an ice cream shop. You don’t even have to have a pricey ice cream maker. You can simply make it in 2 plastic baggies. Here’s a great recipe to try!

Make Your Own Granola: While you’re working through your park list, you’ll need some trail snacks! We LOVE making our own granola in the summer and every other season of the year.


Making your own fun always creates more memories with your family! Spend time, not money this summer on those you love.

*This post contains an affiliate link.  That means while you score a great deal on a fantastic read, you also help our family build up our emergency fund and eventually  pay off our mortgage.  And for this we classify you as Royally Swell.