Cute FREE Printable Cash Budget Envelopes

Print FREE Cash Envelopes to Keep Your Budget on Track from @thequeenoffree

 Snag 7 FREE Cute Printable Budget Envelopes, each with different categories and a number of challenging and inspirational quotes on the back. The assembly is super easy and I’ve given you the spending categories of Groceries, Dining Out, Vacation, Kids, Entertainment, Clothing, Gifts & Generosity. And they’re in cheery red and yellow, well because they match my kitchen. I hope you love each of the quotations as much as I do!

1. Download the Cute FREE Printable Cash Envelope PDF File.

2. Print them on your home printer using paper or cardstock for a sturdier envelope.

3. Cut Out the Envelopes:

FREE Cute Printable Cash Budget Envelopes

3. Follow the directions on the Printable indicating to fold the flaps back.

FREE Cute Printable Cash Envelopes

4. Then apply glue or tape to them, like so:

Glue or tape the flaps of the envelope

4. Fold up the quotation portion of the envelope like so it sticks to the flaps.

FREE Printable Cash Budget Envelope

5. Let dry and insert your cash to ensure you won’t overspend!

To say that I’m excited about this addition to Queen of Free is an understatement. I’m working closely with Lady Jackie of Strong Tower Web Design {who totally rocks by the way, both at design and at basketball} to bring a number of FREE printables for Queen of Free readers. Stay tuned for even more great FREE Printables and be sure to check the Printables Tab on a regular basis for new files to help keep your budget and life on track!

Save money, slay debt, and begin your Happily Ever After today!

  • Don Current

    If you REALLY want to prevent overspending, insert the money BEFORE the glue dries! :-) Love it though!

    • Queen of Free

      Ha! The is the first of many new printables for to help my readers. Super excited. Also excited because these envelopes match my kitchen. It’s the simple things.

  • Jackie

    I’m so glad you like them and I hope your readers will, too. :)

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