Amazon: Simply7 Chips Possibly FREE

*UPDATE* The coupon is now listed as expired.  It might come back up without the smaller bag options.  :)

I was just able to pick up 2 bags of Hummus or Lentil Chips for FREE on Amazon, y’all.  I’m still scratching my head and I’m sure it probably won’t last long but here’s how it worked.

There’s a Simply7 Hummus Chips $8/1 Coupon available on Amazon right now.  And there were 2 products priced for $3 on the same page for which the coupon is valid.  Now there is only 1 remaining that I see.  I was able to pick up the bags separately for FREE.

Even if you don’t score the chips free, you can get a decent deal on a bulk version of the products with this coupon.  Here’s the best deal I see:

Simply 7 Lentil Chips, Sea Salt, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) $33.48 {$2.79/bag}.  Use the Subscribe & Save option to $31.81 {$2.65/bag} and the clip the coupon to get $8/1 to make the total price $23.81 or  $1.98/bag.

When you’re calculating this deal, be sure that you’re keeping a keen eye to the unit price because some are much smaller bags than others {ranging from 5 oz all the way down to 0.8 oz}.

If you’re interested at all, snap it up because I’m sure it will sell out or the coupon will disappear.

Amazon has all sorts of great coupons here that will help you build amazing deals on your own!

*Amazon has recently changed their Subscribe & Save Program so all of your items ship on 1 select day/month {ours is January 31st}.  As always, once your item(s) ship, be sure to cancel your subscription so that they do not automatically ship the next month {prices are NOT locked in at the same rate}.  
If you have Swagbucks Amazon Gift Cards, you can pick up these deals SUPER cheap!  And Amazon always has PLENTY of other coupons to increase your savings on every day items.  I personally love to pick up everyday items on Amazon so that I stay out of the store.  The less I’m in a physical store, the less money we spend.
*This post contains affiliate links.  So while you score a great deal on Amazon, you also help the Royal Family build their 3-6 month emergency fund and eventually pay off the mortgage early.  And for that, we royally thank you.