FREE Data Backup From CrashPlan

UPDATE: I have reports that the deal has increased to $2.88 for 2-10 computers or $1.20 for 1 computer.  It’s still a FABULOUS deal!

So you might have heard that I’ve had 2 separate laptops crash in the last year, wiping out all of my data the first time and the majority of it the 2nd time.

Sir Aaron highly recommended I check out CrashPlan both times and I was either too lazy or thought it wouldn’t happen to me.  TODAY, I bought it {because it was FUH-REE!!!}.  Typically it’s $119.00/year and right now it’s free {it said it was $2.88 but when I checkout it didn’t charge me anything}.  The price is going to gradually increase until Monday.

Hopefully you can snag this for free, too.  Be sure to uncheck the automatic renewal button so you aren’t charged without your knowing this time next year.  After downloading the software, you will need to enter the 16 digit code you receive with your e-mail receipt to activate your subscription {you get a free 31 trial subscription upon downloading it but need to use the key code to activate the full year}.

Thanks Sir Aaron!

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