Welcome WTHR Viewers: Back to School Clothes Shopping Royal Money Saving Tips

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ll be sharing on Weekend Sunrise tomorrow morning with all you early birds!  These are some of the tips to help you get the best deals on all of your Royal Back to School Clothes Shopping Adventures!

Before you even hit the aisles of Target or the stores of the mall, you need to Take Inventory of what your children already have.  So, go through their drawers and clean out the closet.  Be sure you set apart enough time to have them try on items of clothing and if it no longer fits, donate it or pass it on to a sibling or family friend.   You should keep a keen eye to everything from socks, undies, shoes, jeans, shirts, and pants.  In fact, it would be a great idea to keep a running list of what you do have in what sizes, too.

Check your school’s dress code.  There’s no use in purchasing tank tops or screen print shirts if they’re not allowed.

Hit the Clearance Rack.  While fall jeans and sweaters will be on display, it’s smarter pick up shorts and short sleeved items at a reduced cost than buy the cutest new fashion.  Buy 1 new outfit that has more a “fall look” for the first day but stick to spring and summer clothes at least for the first 2 months.

Uniform Blues?  Uniforms can be costly.  Check out places like the Children’s Place Outlet {located in Edinburgh and accepts coupons like these even on outlet prices!  ALWAYS call first before driving a great distance to ask if they have the stock you need though.} or online retailers to save money.  A site like ebates.com or Shop at Home might get you cash back on your purchases and don’t forget to check and see if there’s a FREE “Ship to Store” option.  Some schools have an exchange program {bring in your gently used uniform and exchange it for another at no cost}.  If yours doesn’t, consider offering to set one up.  You can also hit places like Once Upon a Child or even Goodwill to look for school uniforms and save.  And again, if you can wait, many school uniforms will be marked down November – January.

Coupons? On Clothes? Really?  Yep. I’m a huge fan of Target’s online printable coupons.  And they often have coupons for apparel in addition to items like groceries and household products.  Right now, I see Hanes, Cherokee, and even Mossimo printable coupons on their site.  As long as they don’t specify otherwise, you can use those coupons on clearance items, too.  Double score.   If you have a smart phone, you should certainly google the name of your store and coupon before even you walk through the doors.  More than likely there’s a coupon floating around for them and you don’t want to miss out on easy savings.

Budgeting Life Lessons.  This is a GREAT time of the year to encourage your kids to be charge of their own money {with your guidance of course}.  Give them the cash to use, shop with them, help them compare prices and brands while you both evaluate what they really need.  They’ll feel quite grown up and you get to be the coolest parent on the block.  You have to relinquish some control; however, it will be a life lesson that they probably won’t forget soon.

Do you have a favorite way to save when it comes Back to School Clothes Shopping?  Share it in the comments!

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