Frugal Flashback: Back to School Basics Top 10

This post is a “Frugal Flashback.”  That means I wrote it a year or two ago and wanted to “reshare” its updated content for the Money Saving Lords and Ladies who have joined the Court of the Queen of Free since then.  So if you get a deja vu sort of feeling, you might have read this before.  :) 

The Eldest Princess rocked the first day of third grade.
Can’t believe she’ll start 5th in a couple of short weeks!

It’s about that time . . . the Princesses and I have been crashing the Back to School sales, picking up the most affordable supplies and keeping a close eye on the weekly specials.  Here’ a few of my favorite tips to keep in mind when you’re hitting the aisles.

10) Evaluate what you already have.  There’s no need to buy a new backpack, lunch box, ruler, scissors, jump drives, etc. if last year’s is in working condition.

9) Set the expectation.  While they’re cute as a button, the Jonas Brothers won’t give your little princess more academic success.  Before you hit the aisles, if you plan on purchasing a character-based notebook or folder, set a limit.  Usually we keep things plain jane around these parts, but one folder of choice isn’t out of the question (with royal approval, of course).

8) Wait a little while.  If your student does need a new backpack, see if you can wait out the first 6 weeks-ish of school.  By then, the Back-to-School sales will be over and many items will be marked down on clearance.  More than once I’ve picked up a great clearance deal at the Children’s Place on backpacks or lunch boxes, made even sweeter by their frequent 15% off coupons that you can even use at the outlets.

7) Stock up.  It’s the best time of the year to buy crayons, markers, glue, and more.  It’s not a bad idea to snag double the haul while you’re in the Superstore.  Midyear, your student will need to re-stock and the prices will be more than double.

6) It’s the little things.  Items like posterboard will be on sale this time of the year, too.  While your student won’t need it during the first week of school, more than likely if they’re in upper elementary and beyond, you’ll need it at some point during the year.  Save yourself both the grief and extra bucks  now (as well heading to the store at midnight the night before a project is due).

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What’s your best Back to School Saving Strategy?

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