We’re Going to Be On the Dave Ramsey Show!!!

Many, many moons ago.  Back when the debt totals paid off were much, much smaller than the debt totals remaining, the King of Free and I decided that when we were debt free, we would make the trek to Nashville to scream from Financial Peace Plaza {Dave Ramsey’s Studios}.  I think that once you set out on a debt slaying journey like ours {$127,482.30 paid OFF, did I mention Sallie Mae now owes us $0.32? since April 2, 2008}, you need something off in the horizon to focus your eyes upon.

You need a celebration on which to aim your eyes.
You need an end point to put a stake in the ground.
You need a journey.
You need a lung clearing scream that your goal has been met, your dream accomplished.

And so over the last week, I’ve been in contact with the fine folks at Dave Ramsey’s studios.  I was absolutely delighted when Lara Johnson called me today on the phone {random side note, we graduated from college together and she has wonderful naturally curly hair}.  And we stacked our calendars up to find the best date for us to come to the studios and scream that we were indeed Debt Free.

So mark your calendars now.  Thursday April 12th {a week from tomorrow} between 1 and 2 PM, CST you’ll be able to hear us tell our story and celebrate the end of this journey live on the air.

We couldn’t be more excited.  You’ll want to be sure to be following us on Twitter {Queen of Free} and Facebook {Queen of Free and King of Free} for photos, real time updates, and general excitement and merriment.

Oh boy, this is going to be fun.