Facebook Freebie: ALPO Real Dogs of America Kit

I’m not sure if there’s a Fake Dogs of America Club or not but right now, you can join the Real Dogs of America, sponsored by ALPO on their Facebook page.  And when I say “you” I mean your dog.  Unless you’re a really tech savvy dog, then maybe you already have a Facebook account of your own there, Bowser.

In your kit you’ll receive:

  • Official Real Dog Papers, Suitable for Framing
  • Real Dog on Board Cling Sticker
  • Real Dogs Eat Meat Handbook . . . and more!
Hopefully the and more will equal coupons for you {or your dog, unless again you are the dog, sneaking in to use the laptop to check Barkbook}.
Thanks Lady Anne, the Deal Wise Mommy!

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