Five Quick Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill WITHOUT Coupons

Simple ways to save EVERY time you go to the grocery store, no coupons required.

Probably the biggest problem areas of most household budgets revolve around eating. Let’s face it, we often pay too much for the food we eat. Whether you’re hitting the drive thru because you fail to plan or you’re picking up groceries on the fly without coupons in hand, we all need to save when it comes to the the things we put in our carts and bellies.

What’s that you say? You’re not an Extreme Couponer? I’ve got your back.

Here are 5 of My Favorite Tricks for Keeping Grocery Bill in Check:

1) Use CASH. Obviously, we’re those “crazy Dave Ramsey” sort of people. It’s how we were able to pay off $127K in 4 years. But believe it or not, I really didn’t start using cash at the grocery store until year 3 of our journey. Of course I was using a debit card but I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. Um, yeah it does. When you have to carefully add what you’re putting in your cart before you hit the check out belt, you’ll be more intentional. While I was never grossly going over budget, $5-$20 above my budget was making a difference.   don’t care if you get points or don’t like to touch money, you will save more if you use cash.

2) Look High, Look Low. The most expensively priced items are placed at eye level to entice you to purchase. Look up and down if you want to score more affordable foods.

3) Shop the Perimeter. Akin to tip 2, you’ll find well priced foods around the perimeter of the store (by the way, they’re also the more healthy options for you). Skip the processed junk food in the middle aisles to avoid temptations that will throw both your waistline and your budget out of balance.

4) Put 3-5 Items Back. I know some of you are list ninjas. But here in the real world, the rest of us make stupid impulse buys. Inevitably, 3-5 items jump into my cart that I don’t need this week or period. So glance through your cart, be nice and hand them to the cashier (don’t just dump them on the end cap, that’s not cool). Automatically, you’ll save $5-$10. Booyah.

5) Don’t Shop After 9 PM. Maybe it’s just me, but nothing good happens in a super store after 9 PM. You’ll roll through the aisles picking up all sorts of things you don’t need. You might end up with 150 breakfast items for the next day. If you’re sleepy, hungry, or roll like a Gremlin, it’s not a good idea to shop late in the evening. I know, it’s unavoidable sometimes but it’s a rule I tend to keep.

I have several more saving without using coupons at the grocery store tips. Would you like to hear them?

How do you save without a single coupon at the grocery store?

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  • Angie Six

    I love the idea to put 3-5 items back. I never thought of it, but I know that I’m guilty of picking up a few extra things here and there and then forgetting what/how many extra things I picked up. Brilliant!

  • Crystal

    My tip is DON’T take your kids to the store with you. They can’t talk you into buying snacks you don’t need if they aren’t there!